I have recently had a very real epiphany about emotional wounds. I’m a really introspective person, by nature, and in my journey to understand myself and correct some sinful behaviors I have discovered that emotional wounds…  do not heal on their own. Unlike their physical counterparts, who, in large part heal themselves, these wounds of the heart and mind remain painful and destructive for as long as we let them lie. I am currently dealing with wounds that are over 30 years old!! 30 years! These things should heal after 30 years, I have told myself time and time again. But no, shockingly, these things are constantly at work at the subconscious level modifying how I react to things, how I feel from day to day, and absolutely inflaming an already touchy temper that I have.

Here is what I’m learning: 1. You can’t deal with irrational feelings of emotional pain, rationally. You can’t just tell yourself, “Ok, I’m not going to feel this anymore”, or “I’m finished with this! I will not react this way again!”. It will never work that way. 2. You have to identify and revisit the wound, thus cleaning the wound. You have to feel the pain and learn that you will be alright in doing so. It’s very important so that you can actually heal from it. 3. You must bandage the wound with forgiveness. Forgiveness is pivotal to your healing. You must forgive whoever hurt you, including yourself, in order for healing to begin to take place.

I believe in my heart of hearts that God will heal my wounds. And I know that His will is that everyone find that healing.

I will share more as I learn. God bless you.


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