Christ-based Leader Shuns Political Compromise Calls Religious-Politicos’ Obsession, A False Doctrine of the Contemporary Church

Flower Mound, Texas, In a day when ministry leaders readily align with political organizations and endorse candidates there is one who represents those who refrain.

Dr. Steven B. DavidSon calls political-obsessions one of the false doctrines of the contemporary Church. “Sure, there is civil responsibility. We must pay taxes, pray for our governing officials, and vote if a person desires. However, there is no ‘best-in-class’ political party concerning the Christian movement. Politics by its very nature is deceitful, biased, and unforgiving. It’s questionable when a Christian candidate or platform is suggested in the midst of such a process; and the effort to leave persons with a sense of guilt or confusion if they vote otherwise is despicable. Issues of prayer in public places, homosexuality, racism, poverty, abortion or sacrificing children have been with us throughout Biblical history.”

DavidSon continues, “No doubt, the nation is in a downward path in every way. It is not simply because of the obvious often suggested by these leaders. Those who say they represent the ministry of Jesus Christ are using political strategies for the change they seek including their broadcasts and pulpits. This is as devastating as the things they decry, and clearly a bastardization of the Great Commission.”

When asked why he is so passionate about his view, he is clear. “We have thousands of persons contacting our ministry. If you assess believers as we do, you will find they are suffering from ministry malnutrition. Marital difficulty, mood disorders, parenting conflict, teen insolence, addictions and similar activity dominate the typical believer. This does not include persons who do not know our Lord. And yet precious time and resources are expended on political demagoguery under the disguise of Christian service.”

DavidSon shares how believers can identify when they are subject to a politically-compromised ministry. “When a person attends a worship service, turns-on a ‘Christian’ broadcast and is constantly bombarded with political innuendo, political endorsements, and ‘demonization’ of governing officials for the purpose of manipulating a person’s vote, the person is witnessing a false-doctrine of the contemporary Church. Living within immoral cultures and suffering persecution, it is an absolute stretch to find Jesus or any early Church representative involved in similar activities. Jesus is our message, and His life is our methodology. It simply does not take a major study to determine acceptable limits; and it does not matter how popular the personality or ministry is, politically obsessive activity is heretical.”

Answering typical arguments referring to the founding fathers and civil rights movement as religious-political pioneers, DavidSon retorts with a Christ-based view. “First, it is a different contemporary dispensation. Additionally, we are thankful for the founding fathers and civil rights efforts of the 1960s but—as shocking as it may seem–these are not the standard-bearers of the Christian faith. There is only one name, Jesus!”

DavidSon also takes exception to those who use the term social gospel. “It sounds relevant and caring, but there is no ‘social’ gospel in Christ, Jesus with the principal objective of social change. Christianity is about universal-cosmic change. The ultimate objective is a new heaven and new earth. Clearly, Christianity is being used as a diversion for some of these persons’ preeminent love. It is their national, political, racial or religious idolatry. As the Apostle Paul warned, ‘if they come with any other Gospel than this, count them accursed.’” Galatians 1:1-10.


3 Replies to “Christ-based Leader Shuns Political Compromise Calls Religious-Politicos’ Obsession, A False Doctrine of the Contemporary Church”

  1. Thank God someone else understands the Christian’s biblical mandate. More and more Christian? leaders are jumping on a band wagon promoting Satan’s efforts. McDonald’s new book, “the myth of a christian nation” tells it like it is. If Christians would simply live like Christians and evangelize and disciple others what a different world we would have.
    Thank you for speaking out and…telling the pure bible truth!

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