9 Replies to “Pastor Bob Coy – Testimony”

  1. Hey Deep,

    Hope you have a successful venture with blogging and are able to bless many. How did you hear of Pastor Bob’s testimony? Do you go to his church?

  2. No I don’t. I wish I could visit. I’m on the other side of the country. I love his teaching and I hear him on the radio from time to time out here. Good stuff!

    Thank you for visiting my blog!

  3. Thank you Bob Coy for your honesty in your testimony!

    Keep being a light to the lost and confused. Better yet step aside and introduce folks to the one you were introduced to….ie the WAY, the TRUTH, the LIFE personified – JESUS of Nazareth.

    Keep introducing folks that are confused in the “emergent” movement to absolute love as communicated by the the authority of the Bible.

    Amazing Love, JESUSrules!



  4. Bob is an okay teacher, but he has a tendency to ridicule others to get his point across. According to what i have seen he is the classic fool of whom King Solomon speaks, and this deflates any good he could possibly accomplish.

  5. We love Pastor Bob and the CC Ft Lauderdale ministries. I’ve never heard him ridicule anyone; I’ve heard him repeat the truth, so if the truth of an example in the bible hurts, it’s called conviction – that’s how I’ve interpreted his teaching and it’s brought me closer to Christ. If you’re not a Christ follower, he explains that his teaching isn’t about him, it isn’t about joining a church, it’s about a personal relationship with Christ. Thank you for sharing the message of Christ and thanks to Pastor Bob and many like him who are not afraid to share the truth so that those who are called can find peace and life everlasting. Blessing to you!

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