Kari Jobe – Christ For The Nations – My Beloved


6 responses to “Kari Jobe – Christ For The Nations – My Beloved

  • deepwaterwalker

    I can’t listen to this song without crying. Thank you, Lord, for loving me like that.


  • createdtopraise

    I sang this song at my church a few weeks ago and barely made it through the whole thing. To be loved like this is amazing. Simply amazing.

  • "Maggie"

    I sang it at our place sunday night as well…not often to you finish a slow song to go into prayer to be interrupted by applause, but that happened.

    I’m wondering, are men comfortable singing this song, or is it one you’d rather just listen to? I wondered how they related later…but a man on my team couldn’t resist and begged to join in with his bass, so I invited everyone. Your thoughts?

  • DeepWaterWalker

    Hi, and thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂 I am a worship leader, and I would sing it with no hesitation. This song is totally precious and presents the sweetness of God’s perspective and love for us in a very unique way. People need to hear it!

    Blessings! And thanks again for reading.


  • Ken Boose

    I am also a worship leader in our church and I would love to sing this song. Can you post the words and music?

    Thanks and God Bless

  • Deannalyn

    This song is amazing. I’d love for my church to sing it. We sing a lot of CFNI songs, but somehow my worship pastor has not included this in our repertoire. It’s amazing how much God loves us, and songs like this make me realize how much he does, and how much he wants us too.

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