Missionaries Risk Exposure to Bow and Arrows and Poisonous Venoms

Missionaries with Segadores (Reapers) in Peru recently learned of a hidden tribe of people who have never been reached by anyone from the outside world, much less Christians bringing the gospel. But in order to reach them, they must travel in areas where they put themselves at risk to venomous snake and spider bites – or where they might be shot at with bow and arrows. The ministry is preparing for this dangerous mission this year. A mission team is planning a trip through miles and miles of dense tropical forest and precarious boat rides down unfamiliar rivers – in hopes of finding this unreached people group hidden deep in the jungle. Since poisonous snakes and spiders pose a constant threat, especially in these outlying areas where there are no medical facilities, the ministry is looking for a way to protect the missionaries.

The ministry has a prototype of an electrical device that is proven to neutralize poisonous venom, but needs help in perfecting the instrument. Please pray that they will find someone who is able to help them work out these details and also be instrumental in getting it manufactured.

Vest-like shields, also designed by the ministry leader, are being developed. They are looking for the right lightweight protective material to insert into the vest. They will be worn once the missionaries think they are near an area of danger from arrows.

After they are able to make contact, they will employ special strategies for winning their trust. Christian Aid is praying with the native missionaries that all these details for the trip, the equipment, as well as the extra training needs will be provided for by enthusiastic Christians hearing about this venture. Pray that the full armor of God will prevail against the spiritual assaults of the enemy during this mission trip.

Support missionaries of Segadores reaching this hidden tribe in Peru.


2 Replies to “Missionaries Risk Exposure to Bow and Arrows and Poisonous Venoms”

  1. Hey Deep,
    Wanted to let you know that I am praying for your daughter. I hope all is alright in your world. Peace man!

    aka (the brown kid)

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