Sunday Set List – 10/19/08

Daybreak Baptist Church
Program Notes & Instructions

10/19/2008 Sunday Morning
Welcome and Announcements

D—“New Doxology”
D—“New Doxology”

D—“Crown Him With Many Crowns”
G—“Crown Him King Of Kings”

Scripture & Prayer


F—“Holy Spirit Rain Down”*
Bb/C—“Surely The Presence”*
F—“Holy Spirit Rain Down”*

Special Music-(LeAnn and Wayne) “Come To Me”—Vocals and Piano only


C—“Just As I Am”/C—“Surely The Presence”


Closing Song
D—“New Doxology”

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I was worried about this service when I woke up because I have been fighting a cold for a few days and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to sing. But the Lord gave me the victory! As it turns out, it was a tremendous worship time.

New Doxology, as Gateway Church revised it, is the way we do this song.  It is a fresh, and powerful re-making of the Doxology, and our church absolutely loves it!

Crown Him With Many Crowns/Crown Him King of Kings was awesome. I haven’t done either of these hymns in a LOOOOOOONG time!

On Holy Spirit Rain Down, we actually played a sample of rain all by itself in the quiet transition between songs. LeAnn chose her spot and started with “Holy Spirit… ” and then the praise team and I came in on “… rain down…” Band came in soft at the same time… everyone was soft, and the rain continued to pour softly. It was moving! I actually thought this might turn out cheesy, but it worked! VERY worshipful little medley!

And then LeAnn and I sang “Come To Me” by Kari Jobe. I could barely get through the song, as I was battling tears the entire time. Originally, Kari sang it alone. But I sang a soft, falsetto harmony behind her through most of it. It worked nicely. Very invitational song. I highly recommend this tune for your church.

In all, a very worshipful set yesterday. I was blessed by it and we had many compliments afterward.

I hope you all exprienced God in a mighty way this week. Be blessed!



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