Sunday Set List – 12/07/08


Daybreak Baptist Church
Program Notes & Instructions
12/07/2008     Sunday Morning

Welcome and Announcements

CHOIR  – “We Have Come To Worship”

D—“Joy To The World”
F—“Angels We Have Heard On High”
F—“Hark The Herald Angels Sing”

Scripture Reading


Special Music—Wayne Thomas “Offering” by Paul Baloche

E/F—“Wonderful Name”
F/G—“Crown Him King of Kings”
G—“Wonderful Name” (Reprise)


(Invitation)F—“Come Just As You Are”


(Closing Song)G—“Wonderful Name”


This Sunday Set List is being posted in conjunction with the Sunday Set List Blog Carnival over at
Today our church kicked of the Christmas season! It was a ton of fun and the mood over our church was very warm and sentimental, along with being very worshipful. It was a tremendous day, no doubt about it!
Please leave a comment and let me know what music your church worshiped with today!




4 Replies to “Sunday Set List – 12/07/08”

  1. Hi Wayne,
    I read your post on Amanda’s blog and you said:

    “we are going through this thing with our group that everyone is like statues on-stage! LOL! We are really having to coach animation and smiling and stuff. Does your group ever go through anything like that?”

    We have this exact same problem it seems like no matter how much coaching we do in this area, it is just hard to get them to do it. I think this is probably the number one complaint of our Lead Pastor. He has asked me numerous times to encourage the group to be more lively, clap, move even a smile, and I have tried but to no avail. If you figure out a solution to the problem I would love the to be enlightened.

  2. Hi Wayne,
    I totally agree the bigger we can get the network the better. Fred did have an awesome idea in starting this whole thing. I find reading other worship leaders sets and experiences to be very helpful and inspirational. Thanks for adding me to your roll. I browsed around your blog today and I have added you to my blogroll as well.
    In Him,

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