Tell The World Tuesday


Does your Worship Ministry have an outreach team?

Since I have been at DBC, we have done some community outreach in various ministries throughout the church. Our Youth Ministry (The Grove) has gone door-to-door handing out flyers and inviting those who live close by to attend our church. Our Seniors Ministry and several of our Sunday School classes have all, at one level or another, made similar outreach efforts. Which has led me to ask the question, why not our Worship Team?

I’m so thankful that the Lord has put this renewed energy in me to reach the lost. It has birthed ideas in me that I know could both reach and change my community. I won’t claim that the ideas are radically original or anything like that, but they could be very effective to reach hurting people.

One of the ideas I am working on is putting a team together to go downtown to the homeless shelter once a month to bring food, bibles, and smiling faces to embrace those who are in need. I even thought I would bring my guitar down with me and we could have some worship time with these folks.

Another idea is to plan a worship concert in a local park. There are several big, sprawling parks in our area. A couple even have stages with power connections and everything! The possibilites with an event like that are awesome to think about! We could even have other ministries join the effort and make it a joint outreach by handing out flyers, serving desserts, hosting games for kids, etc.

My wife and I have been planning a big recruiting push for our Worship Team for the beginning of this year at DBC. But I love how the Lord is redirecting this thing in my mind to be outreach to the lost FIRST. Like I said, I’m just really thankful that God has opened my eyes again to His call on my life… to reach His sheep. And I’m seeing all kinds of possibilities open up in front of me to do that very thing. Praise His Mighty Name!

Those are my thoughts on this, Tell The World Tuesday. What are yours?

For His kingdom,

Wayne Thomas


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