Sunday Set List – 1/18/09



                                            Daybreak Baptist Church

                                                 Program Notes & Instructions


            01/18/2009                         Sunday Morning


Walk In
G—“Love The Lord”
B—“Everlasting God”
A—“Jesus Messiah”



Welcome and Announcements



“Giving Him Praise”




C/D—“Great Is Thy Faithfulness”


Scripture & Prayer


Special Music —Sarah Richards


G—“No Sweeter Name”

D—“There’s Just Something About That Name”

D/E/F#—“Jesus Messiah”


Message—Pastor Larry



D—“Only Trust Him”

D—“Just As I Am”



Closing Song                                     

G—“No Sweeter Name”(Chorus)


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This was our first Sunday using walk in music. It was really cool! Normally we have a CD playing, but I love the energy this created in the room as people came in. Very cool.

Today was a very emotional day at Daybreak. A group of kids in our Youth group got into some trouble over the weekend, and today was a day of repentence and tears with a lot of folks down at the altar. It was precious to watch the Holy Spirit healing hearts and minds right before our eyes. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

What did your church do today?

In His grip,



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