Sunday Set List – 2/8/09


Daybreak Baptist Church

Program Notes & Instructions

2/8/2009 Sunday Morning

B—“Everlasting God”


G—“Holy Is The Lord”

Scripture Reading & Prayer Pastor Larry

CHOIR “Each One, Reach One”

Special Music – Jerry Hampton – “When All Is Said And Done”

A—“You Are Good” (medley)


Message Guest Missions Speaker

Guest Sermon – Dr. Fermin Whittaker (Carlos @ Ragamuffin Soul’s father)

Invitation C—“The Savior Is Waiting”

Offertory Carolyn

Closing Song G—“Holy Is The Lord”-chorus only

Then verse and chorus for walk-out


Greetings! We were really blessed yesterday at Daybreak! It’s missions month at our church, so we had some guest speakers. A married couple who are local missionaries in the Los Angeles area spoke first. They were inspiring and offered thought-provoking encouragement to take action and reach out to the world around us. After that, we had a real treat! Dr. Fermin Whittaker, Executive Director of the California Southern Baptist Convention, gave the sermon! Many of you subscribe to his son’s blog, Ragamuffin Soul (Los). Dr. Whittaker is a man of unique wisdom, who has a cunning ability to hear the voice of God. Whenever he comes to our church he brings a whole host of ministering angels with him! His smile and charisma are refreshing, and he cuts right to the chase in presenting the Word of God to our congregation. We love him dearly at Daybreak.

Our worship set went really well, despite the fact that our drummer over-slept. Everlasting God and Holy Is The Lord are strong selections in our church. We had a drums-only section planned for Holy Is The Lord, so during the greeting I slipped over behind the drums and then played for that song. There were lots of hands clapping and great energy during our first set!

I had a medley idea last week with the songs You Are Good (Gateway) and Breathe (Passion). I absolutely LOVED how it turned out! VERY worshipful and flowed very nicely! My only 2nd thought is that we didn’t stay on Breathe long enough! Next time we do it I’ll tweak that, but it was awesome!

Be blessed in your worship planning, my fellow WL’s! I pray you have the ears to hear His voice this week.

For His Glory!



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