Sunday Set List – 2/15/09


Daybreak Baptist Church
Program Notes & Instructions

2/15/2009 Sunday Morning

Welcome and Announcements

C—“Come Thou Fount, Come Thou King”
C—“Come Thou Fount, Come Thou King” – continued
C/D—“All Hail King Jesus” (2x) (medley)
D—“Come Thou Fount, Come Thou King” – finale


Scripture Reading & Prayer – Pastor Larry

Special Music – Robin Harkleroad

C—“None But Jesus”
C—“Surely The Presence” (medley)
C—“Amazing Love”

Message – Guest Missions Speaker


C—“Just As I Am”

Offertory Praise – Band
Closing Song

C—“Come Thou Fount”


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I am blogging from my other job today. I had to work on a Sunday! 😦 But my wife, LeAnn led worship today and rocked it like she always does when I’m not there. We normally lead as a team. So here is our set list for this week! Hope you all had a great morning of worship!

For His glory!



11 Replies to “Sunday Set List – 2/15/09”

  1. Great songs – and so cool to see “Surely The Presence” in your list. I would love to have heard that medley! I agree with Russ – always a good sign that you’re building a strong team when they can go without you.

  2. @Fred – I was almost 1st! LOL!

    @Russ, @Daniel – Thanks! My wife and I are equal. We both lead worship. It’s pretty uncommon to have it set up that way, but we do, and we love it! So when I’m not there they don’t skip a beat, and vice verse.

    @Steff – Yes, NBJ is already a classic at our church. Everyone loves it!

    @Jim – We sing Come Thou Fount, Come Thou King as Gateway Worship does it. I love their modernized version of it!

    Thanks everyone! Blessings!

  3. @Jamey – I’m not a huge fan of Special Music, actually. We are currently trying to phase it out. Typically our Specials have always just been solos or duets with tracks or the band playing, and the congregation sits and is just an audience. We’re wanting to move away from that and have it be interactive worship like the rest of the music is.

    Our church is sensitive to change. So we have to take baby steps if it’s in a new direction. So right now when either my wife or myself are scheduled for SM we are using that slot in the lineup to introduce new songs. We’re slowly having the congregation stand up to sing the chorus at the end of the song to get familiar with it, and such. They’re starting to get the idea! LOL!

  4. I believe that we are on the same page! Our church is also sensitive to change as well. That is really a good idea with introducing new songs in that slot.
    It’s awesome to “meet” ya online!

    John 10:10

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