6 Years

In 2003, I made the very best decision I have ever made in my life. I asked LeAnn to marry me. And on this day, six years ago, almost down to the hour, we were married in a beautiful, outdoor wedding. The years between then and now have not gone without trials, without heartache, or without a healthy amount of relational storms. But with Jesus Christ at the center of our marriage, and believe me when I tell you, He is… LeAnn and I are more in love right now than we have ever been before. The grace of God has covered MANY sins and mistakes made by a sometimes selfish, and thoughtless husband. But that man has learned, and is learning more each, and every day how to put himself aside, how to see his wife for who God made her to be, and how precious a gift the Lord has given him in her. 

LeAnn, I can’t begin to tell you how deep my love is for you. These six years have been a huge awakening for me! I can now say that I have known the truest love, the truest of devotion, and the purest Godly influence that I have ever experienced. I pray that God will allow us to continue to minister together for as long as we have the strength to do so!

Thank you for loving me the way you do, and for putting up with all of my imperfections. You have my heart forever.

I love you, honey. Happy Anniversary!



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