Sunday Set List – 8/09/09


You, You Are God (Gateway Worship)

Let The Worshipers Arise (Phillips Craig and Dean)

Great Is Thy Faithfulness (Hymn)

Wonderful Maker (Chris Tomlin)

This was the third Sunday in a row that we were without our very talented piano player, Jas0n. So, it was the third week in a row where we had a more acoustic sound, being led by guitars. Our keyboard player jumped over to the piano to play our hymn for us, and that was great! All that said, our church has been a piano-led church for as many years as it’s been in existence, so I believe our people have really enjoyed the different sound and feel that guitar-led worship music adds to a service. I believe the absence of Jason has given us the confidence to mix this sound into our rotation a lot more often.

How did YOU worship the Lord this morning?

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