Sunday Set List – 12/6/09

Friend Of GodHoughton

Come Thou Fount, Come Thou King Gateway

O Come All Ye Faithful – CHOIR

O Come, O Come Emmanuel Selah


Today, we did our first Christmas music of the season. It was awesome! The worship center was all decorated, and it was a good kick-off to the Christmas season for our church. Having said that, LeAnn has a broken tooth and was in major pain through the whole thing. Poor wifey! But overall, it was a great morning of worship!

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2 Replies to “Sunday Set List – 12/6/09”

  1. beautiful set! this was our first weekend of christmas music too. you could tell the people were happy to hear it. im sure theyll be even moreso the closer we get to christmas. however…i do not like singin christmas carols. im such a scrooge when it comes to singing’em. i guess its the whole…we only sing them once a year and i never feel quite prepared for them. but, im weird too.

    hug your beautiful bride for me. so sorry to hear about her tooth! hope she gets relief soon!

  2. Thanks, Tam. This year has been hard for me with the Christmas stuff because it’s the first Christmas since my Mom passed away. I’ve fought the “Scroogey” feelings myself, simply because the heart strings are being plucked on. But I was surprised by the joy that the Lord caused to well up in my heart this morning, and I was thankful.

    I’ll pass along your thoughts to LeAnn. That will mean a lot to her.

    Bless you, girl! Thanks for stopping by!

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