Soul At Rest

This is the spiritual fruit and literary work of one of my close brothers-in-Christ, D’Andre Fuller. I was so blessed when he agreed to share his heart through poetry, and guest blog on! This is a real honor for me! Here is one of his poems. Please comment below and tell us what you think!

Soul At Rest

Your love covers me as a drenching rain
Softening my heart, washing away all fears and pain
Your love consumes me like a raging fire
Cleansing impurities from my heart, you are my greatest desire
Your love satifies me like a feast prepared for kings
I hunger and thirst no more for in you I have found all things
Your Word is delightful, even sweeter than honey
Your favor and grace is more beneficial than much money
Your love is extravagant, you have not withheld your best
You have pursued and captured my heart, Lord my soul is now at rest

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