Sunday Set List – 4/11/10

Daybreak Baptist Church


My Savior LivesNew Life Worship


Better Is One Day/I Could Only ImagineMatt Redman/Mercy Me

Son Of GodStarfield

When I Speak You Name/Pure Gateway Church/Kari Jobe

I’m late putting up our set-list! Sorry folks!

This was one of those services for me. One of THOSE services! I thought a lot went wrong. There were a lot of little mistakes on my part. Little mistakes on LeAnn’s part. But… and this is a big BUT… as the service went on I could tell that no one was fazed by them at all. Our church was worshiping the Lord! And I was so convicted right there on the stage, as we sang. My focus had been on details and technical issues that were held over from the pre-service run through, and I had failed to put those things aside in my mind and heart to do the one thing God had called me to do that morning – to lay everything aside and worship Him. I choked back the tears I felt and put it all down… and worshiped God.

I’m so thankful that God loves me in my imperfection. That He still calls me to do this even though I get it so wrong sometimes. He is a gracious and loving God, and He is so immensely worthy of our praise, worship, and adoration.

Thanks to all of you who read my blog. I really appreciate your comments. They are encouraging and bless me. So if you feel like it, please comment below and tell me what you did on Sunday at your church. Then go check out The Worship Community to read what others like us did at their churches.

May God richly bless you today!


3 Replies to “Sunday Set List – 4/11/10”

  1. Thank you Wayne for pointing out to me that perfection is not always necessary to praise God. He truly knows our heart. When I sang with the pastor on Easter, I was more concerned about our song sounding ‘good’…and now really pleased with how I sounded. What I heard from my friends afterwards was…”such a beautiful song,” “wonderful message,” “great words,” etc. Unfortunately, we sometimes forget that it is not about ‘me’ but ‘God’ and that He is in control. Love you always.

  2. Love you too! He just keeps giving His grace, doesn’t He? I feel so unworthy. But I’m very thankful for it.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Hey Wayne – I can identify with you…Karen calls me on it regularly. I get in the “zone” and forget where I am, what I’m doing, and for Whom. We strive for perfection for the Lord, but sometimes at the expense of reliance on Him…and really to our own distraction (for me, it starts spinning out of control real fast and I have to check myself).

    Just know that God uses you and LeAnn in HUGE ways for Him each week…and, as Karen reminds me regularly – nobody really notices the little things…except you!


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