The Romans Road to Salvation

The Romans Road to salvation

Have you been wondering or ever wondered what it means to be “saved”, or “born-again”? Or have you wanted to know what it means to become a Christian? Well, I wanted to take a moment and address this for any of my readers who have been pondering this very important question. In the book of Romans, in the bible, there are several verses, which detail exactly what this means and how one can become “saved”. In church, we call this the “Romans Road”. So lets journey down the Romans Road together, and I pray that it will answer your questions.

The first verse on the Romans Road to salvation is Romans 3:23, “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.” We have all sinned. We have all done things that are displeasing to God. There is no one who is innocent. Romans 3:10-18 gives a detailed picture of what sin looks like in our lives. The second Scripture on the Romans Road to salvation, Romans 6:23, teaches us about the consequences of sin – “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” The punishment that we have earned for our sins is death. Not just physical death, but eternal death!

The third verse on the Romans Road to salvation picks up where Romans 6:23 left off, “but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 5:8 declares, “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Jesus Christ died for us! Jesus’ death paid for the price of our sins. Jesus’ resurrection proves that God accepted Jesus’ death as the payment for our sins.

The fourth stop on the Romans Road to salvation is Romans 10:9, “that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” Because of Jesus’ death on our behalf, all we have to do is believe in Him, trusting His death as the payment for our sins – and we will be saved! Romans 10:13 says it again, “for everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Jesus died to pay the penalty for our sins and rescue us from eternal death. Salvation, the forgiveness of sins, is available to anyone who will trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

The final aspect of the Romans Road to salvation is the results of salvation. Romans 5:1 has this wonderful message, “Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Through Jesus Christ we can have a relationship of peace with God. Romans 8:1 teaches us, “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” Because of Jesus’ death on our behalf, we will never be condemned for our sins. Finally, we have this precious promise of God from Romans 8:38-39, “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Would you like to become a Christian, and receive the salvation that is detailed in the book of Romans? If so, here is a simple prayer you can pray to God. Saying this prayer is a way to declare to God that you are relying on Jesus Christ for your salvation. The words themselves will not save you. Only faith in Jesus Christ can provide salvation! “God, I know that I have sinned against you and am deserving of punishment. But Jesus Christ took the punishment that I deserve so that through faith in Him I could be forgiven. With your help, I place my trust in You for salvation. Thank You for Your wonderful grace and forgiveness – the gift of eternal life! Amen!”



Sunday Set List – 3/1/09


Daybreak Baptist Church – 3/1/09  Sunday am

C – The Lord Reigns – Gateway Worship

G – Mighty To Save – Hillsong

G – Hosanna – Hillsong**

G – Amazing Love – Phillips Craig and Dean**

G – Amazed – Jared Anderson**

** – Medley


I was in Atlanta all week, so I didn’t get to rehearse with the group. Regardless, the Lord had His way and none of us missed a beat! I thought our set was awesome! The Lord Reigns was everything we hoped it would be! Our church responded so well to it! I know that it will be one of those songs that we call on many times in the future.  We hadn’t done Mighty To Save in a couple of months. And because our church knows it so well and because our opener was brand new, I thought it was the perfect song to follow it. We arranged Hosanna, Amazing Love, and Amazed into a really worshipful medley, which rounded out our set for the morning.

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Going Offline For a Week


Well, everyone, I’m  heading to the East coast to visit with my terminally ill Mom. I will be offline while I’m there, as our laptop is on the fritz. Please pray for my mom, and for our entire family as we go through this with her. We’re all praying, ourselves, that the Lord would take her quickly and painlessly. Also, I’m not the biggest fan of flying, so you could pray for my calmness of heart too.

LeAnn will be posting our Sunday Set Lists this week and maybe next week, as well.



PS – This is for you, Mom.

Sunday Set List – 1/25/09

Daybreak Baptist Church

Program Notes & Instructions

1/25/2009 Sunday Morning

Celebration Choir “The River Is Here”

Welcome and Announcements

A—“That’s What We Came Here For”


A—“That’s What We Came Here For”


D/E—“Fairest Lord Jesus”

Scripture & Prayer


Special Music—LeAnn Thomas G—“We Cry Out”


Invitation – F—“Grace Greater Than Our Sin”

F—“Come Just As You Are”

Worship with Tithes & Offerings

Missions Video

Closing Song A—“That’s What We Came Here For”


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Sunday Set List – 1/11/09


Daybreak Baptist Church

Program Notes & Instructions

01/11/2009 Sunday Morning

Welcome and Announcements

G—“Let Creation Sing” – Hillsong


G—“Let The Worshipers Arise” – Phillips Craig and Dean

D—“Amazed” – Jared Anderson


Scripture & Prayer

Special Music —Wayne Thomas  “Every Breath” – Gateway Worship

D—“Revelation Song” – Gateway Worship


D—“Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

C—“Surely The Presence”


Closing Song

D—“Revelation Song” (Chorus x 2)


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Our worship service went to another level this morning. It was absolutely the most worshipful service I have ever experienced at this church! Praise God! And it was mostly contemporary music, with the exception of the Invitation! That is amazing!

What did God do at your church today?


Tell The World Tuesday


Are you paying attention?

Since last week when I first felt real conviction about not sharing my faith, I have done a lot of praying and soul-searching. And in that process I have become hyper-aware of my surroundings when I’m out and about in the world. So last week while I was working at my other job a buddy of about five years called me up and wanted me to answer a question about the bible. On the surface, it seemed like I was just settling a debate between my friend and someone he was talking with. What I didn’t realize was that my buddy had struck up a bible conversation out of an intense curiosity and was, in fact, pondering eternity and the after-life!

The next night he called me again. He had another question about the bible! And this time, we stayed on the phone a little longer and I was able to get a little deeper into what was going on inside of him. God was indeed calling this man to salvation, I could feel it! I was so excited for this person that when I got off the phone I immediately began to pray for him and thanked the Lord for including me in such a special thing!

So, the next night he called me AGAIN with, yet another question, and he was wanting to share his feelings on what he had been reading in the bible. He told me he couldn’t put it down, that he just had to keep reading! My friend is truly on the road to eternal life with Jesus!! He hasn’t quite gotten there yet, but he’s close. I praise God for it!

I haven’t heard from him in a few days. And I’m sure it’s because of the holiday hustle and bustle. But in the time since I last spoke with him I have had some pretty sad questions in my mind. How many of my friends and buddies have been deeply curious about Jesus over the last few years that I never cared enough about to pay attention to when they exhibited signs of that very thing? How many encounters has the Holy Spirit set up for me to share my faith with someone where I failed to capitalize on His supernatural influence in my circumstances? More conviction.

So I encourage you all to ask yourself this question…  Am I really paying attention to the people around me? Because I can promise you this; if you are a born-again Christian, the Lord is putting people in your path.

That’s my Tell The World Tuesday story. What’s yours?

In His Service,


Sweet Surrender – A Prayer

Today, I surrender myself to You, Lord. I woke up in a state of confusion and I’m not sure where to go or what to do. But I surrender myself to Your will, Father. And I trust that You have a plan and that You have designed my life to teach me what You would have me learn. I accept Your call and lay down my own thoughts and ambitions… and I listen, Lord. I listen for Your voice in my ears. So meet me where I am. Show me what You want to show me. I am Yours. Forgive me for the things that I have done this morning that are against You. Forgive me for all the things I do on a daily basis that are sinful and unrighteous. Mold and make me into the servant I long to be for You; that I know is Your will for me to become. I ask for Your will to be accomplished through me, Lord. I ask for Your will to be made known in my life, and through my life. Today, I surrender myself to You, Lord. I surrender myself to You.

Prayer Request

I would like to ask for prayer today. If any of you that read this are willing, would you please pray for me today. Many areas of my life are such a struggle right now. And I just need to feel new strength to overcome and stand through it all.

Thank you in advance to any of you who answer this plea.