Must Watch – Brace Yourselves

This ministry has lost the use of their only vehicle! And now there is a website that’s been put together for donations to help them continue their plight to save children in Uganda. If  you would like to contribute to this cause, please visit One Van, One Village. May God bless those precious people who are sacrificing to reach those priceless children! They are God’s little ones!

Tell The World Tuesday


Welcome to another installment of Tell The World Tuesday! I have been very thoughtful today and going back to my roots when I became a Christian. There are so many great memories from that time in my life. So many great people influenced me during those years. And I belonged to several awesome churches throughout that time, as well.

In my teenage years I attended a pentacostal church in the metro Atlanta area. And once a year, or so, they would hold a good, old fashioned, Southern revival! These revivals were huge! They would draw many people in from the community that had never been to our church before. And it gave us all the opportunity to share the gospel with them.

I’ll never forget my very first revival. I thought is was the greatest thing ever. I had never seen SO MANY people on fire for the Lord in the same place at the same time. The music was amazing! The fellowship was amazing! The Spirit of the Lord would move mightily in that place, as many hours of prayer had been offered up to God beforehand by the church body. I can remember vividly that many people made decisions to become Christians during those events.  It’s a memory that is forever etched in my mind.

So, revivals were an effective way my old church would reach out to their community. It was an amazing time of worship and ministry. Does your church do anything like this? Have you ever attended a revival?

For His Glory,

Wayne Thomas

Pure Praise

Here’s a message from my friend, Fred McKinnon.

pure_praise_144REMINDER – Join worshipers from all over the world in the “Pure Praise” devotional study, starting next week!

Hey everybody, I blogged about this a couple of weeks ago, but will be reminding you all over the next week.  Join us over at  TheWorshipCommunity.Com for a meaningful, in-depth study of God’s Word through “Pure Praise”, a heart-focused Bible study on worship by Worship Leader and Author, Dwayne Moore.

This is a 9-week study that we will begin the week of January 12, 2009. Each day we will share our thoughts on the daily devotional and then participate in the Group Discussions each week – as a group of united worshipers on TheWorshipCommunity.Com in the forums.
(daily and weekly discussion will take place in this thread of the TWC Forums)

“The goal of this study is not to help us fall more in love with worship. Rather, these daily, intimate encounters with God can help us fall more in love with our Father – which is the very essence of biblical worship”. (Darlene Zscheck, Hillsong Church, Australia)

“Dwayne Moore has a desire to see the body of Christ truly understand what it means to honor God with our worship and let our lifesongs sing to God in spirit and in truth”. (Mark Hall, Casting Crowns)

“Dwayne Moore’s ‘Pure Praise’ gets at the heart of true biblical worship. If you’re looking to grow your worship ministry team in it’s understanding and desire to worship our Creator in spirit and truth, this book is for you. The weekly studies are practical, insightful, and full of biblical wisdom aimed at getting the reader to grasp how our Creator designed us to worship. This book is a must-read for any worship ministry team, and I’m glad to recommend it”. (Rick Muchow, Pastor of Worship, Saddleback Church)

“Dwayne Moore has a writing style that makes you feel like he’s right there with you, walking you through each devotional. ‘Pure Praise’ is highly relational and delivered in a way that will minister to you in your personal worship journey as well as find its way into your worship training resource library. This book will help you understand not only the meaning of worship, but also provide you with real tools for leading and ministering in your role as the worship leader.” (Julie Reid, former Executive Editor of Worship Leader Magazine)

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to study with your fellow worshipers.

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Looking forward to our study together starting January 12, 2009.

For the Kingdom,
Fred McKinnon, Founder

Tell The World Tuesday


Does your Worship Ministry have an outreach team?

Since I have been at DBC, we have done some community outreach in various ministries throughout the church. Our Youth Ministry (The Grove) has gone door-to-door handing out flyers and inviting those who live close by to attend our church. Our Seniors Ministry and several of our Sunday School classes have all, at one level or another, made similar outreach efforts. Which has led me to ask the question, why not our Worship Team?

I’m so thankful that the Lord has put this renewed energy in me to reach the lost. It has birthed ideas in me that I know could both reach and change my community. I won’t claim that the ideas are radically original or anything like that, but they could be very effective to reach hurting people.

One of the ideas I am working on is putting a team together to go downtown to the homeless shelter once a month to bring food, bibles, and smiling faces to embrace those who are in need. I even thought I would bring my guitar down with me and we could have some worship time with these folks.

Another idea is to plan a worship concert in a local park. There are several big, sprawling parks in our area. A couple even have stages with power connections and everything! The possibilites with an event like that are awesome to think about! We could even have other ministries join the effort and make it a joint outreach by handing out flyers, serving desserts, hosting games for kids, etc.

My wife and I have been planning a big recruiting push for our Worship Team for the beginning of this year at DBC. But I love how the Lord is redirecting this thing in my mind to be outreach to the lost FIRST. Like I said, I’m just really thankful that God has opened my eyes again to His call on my life… to reach His sheep. And I’m seeing all kinds of possibilities open up in front of me to do that very thing. Praise His Mighty Name!

Those are my thoughts on this, Tell The World Tuesday. What are yours?

For His kingdom,

Wayne Thomas

Tell The World Tuesday


Are you paying attention?

Since last week when I first felt real conviction about not sharing my faith, I have done a lot of praying and soul-searching. And in that process I have become hyper-aware of my surroundings when I’m out and about in the world. So last week while I was working at my other job a buddy of about five years called me up and wanted me to answer a question about the bible. On the surface, it seemed like I was just settling a debate between my friend and someone he was talking with. What I didn’t realize was that my buddy had struck up a bible conversation out of an intense curiosity and was, in fact, pondering eternity and the after-life!

The next night he called me again. He had another question about the bible! And this time, we stayed on the phone a little longer and I was able to get a little deeper into what was going on inside of him. God was indeed calling this man to salvation, I could feel it! I was so excited for this person that when I got off the phone I immediately began to pray for him and thanked the Lord for including me in such a special thing!

So, the next night he called me AGAIN with, yet another question, and he was wanting to share his feelings on what he had been reading in the bible. He told me he couldn’t put it down, that he just had to keep reading! My friend is truly on the road to eternal life with Jesus!! He hasn’t quite gotten there yet, but he’s close. I praise God for it!

I haven’t heard from him in a few days. And I’m sure it’s because of the holiday hustle and bustle. But in the time since I last spoke with him I have had some pretty sad questions in my mind. How many of my friends and buddies have been deeply curious about Jesus over the last few years that I never cared enough about to pay attention to when they exhibited signs of that very thing? How many encounters has the Holy Spirit set up for me to share my faith with someone where I failed to capitalize on His supernatural influence in my circumstances? More conviction.

So I encourage you all to ask yourself this question…  Am I really paying attention to the people around me? Because I can promise you this; if you are a born-again Christian, the Lord is putting people in your path.

That’s my Tell The World Tuesday story. What’s yours?

In His Service,


Tell The World Tuesday


How do you share your faith?

I must admit that I can look back over the last several years and see that I have not been “telling the world the good news”. I have been living my busy life, serving the Lord in other ways, but not answering the call of Jesus in Matthew 28:19, 20…

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”

It’s really convicting me lately. I can remember a time in my life, shortly after being born again, where I was shameless and bold! I would go to the mall with my best friend and we would pray over the crowd and select individuals that we felt the Lord was guiding us to talk to. It was intense! And it paid off! I remember sharing the gospel with a co-worker with such unashamed abandon that she grabbed on and never let go. She is a sister-in-Christ now and I cherish that memory and knowledge.

So I find myself looking in the mirror this morning. I’m asking myself the tough questions. Why have I stopped? Where is my faith? What is driving my daily decisions?

In that spirit I am starting a new weekly blog, “Tell The World Tuesday”. When is the last time you shared your faith? How did it happen? What did you say? I would love to hear your stories! Along with being grounded in the Word of God, I believe this could be a great way to build one another up and help equip each other with the courage, and creativeness to “Go and make disciples of all nations…”!

In His Grip!


Culture of Crucial: Now Is Not Normal

baseball-290x232What do Major League farm systems and worship ministries have in common? For both to be successful over an extended period of time they have to be future minded.

Creating a Culture of Crucial means putting people first. Of course we should always be aware of positions and roles that need to be fulfilled, but we should never see people as a set of skills. People are PEOPLE!

Another way that we can create a culture where people are truly valued is to make every effort to combat the “Now is Normal” mentality.

Many of us who are worship leaders or pastors know that it’s very easy to slide into the status quo. We get into a place where there are plenty of musicians and singers on the team and we have our pick to choose from. On the outside it looks like we don’t need any more, because we have a jam-packed stage.

Whether you work with volunteer musicians, singers, children’s workers, parking lot attendants, youth workers, etc., we all face the temptation to kick it into cruise control and to see our present situation as the norm. We let it become the status quo. We should be careful to always be looking forward. We should be future minded, while leading intentionally in the present…

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Culture of Crucial: Now Is Not Normal

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Worship Leader or Worship Pastor?


Worship Leader or Worship Pastor?

Just because we lead people in worship doesn’t mean that we are fulfilling the role of a Worship Pastor. Anybody with a guitar, a tour bus and a good song can lead people in worship, but when the bus pulls out of town all you’re left with is a great experience. God certainly uses these experiences, but the challenge of authentic transformation happens in the trenches of weekly coaching, encouraging, and serving the people in your own local church family. This is the value of a Worship Pastor.

Heart or Skill?

Psalm 78:72 describes David as a man who led Israel with integrity of heart and with skillful hands. Heart and skill are two primary issues that every Worship Pastor wrestles with, not just for themselves but for the people they lead. Both are biblical mandates that take a central role in the job description of a Worship Pastor (Ps. 33:3; Pr. 4:23; Mt. 6:21).

Unfortunately, many of our worship ministries are obsessed only with skill. We practice and practice, running the song list over and over at a Thursday night rehearsal and then play it again on Sunday hoping that something different will happen. Most worship leaders in America hold a part time or volunteer position and lead a team of volunteer musicians, so it’s no wonder that we tend to overemphasize excellence and give more time to developing skills than to healing hearts.

But a Worship Pastor is one who is not willing to focus on skill at the expense of people’s hearts. He knows both must be addressed but also realizes that worship is fundamentally a function of the heart, and that when a heart is transformed in worship, everything else follows.

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Matters of Opinion: Hallowing Halloween

Why Christians should embrace the devilish holiday with gusto—and laughter.
By Anderson M. Rearick III

A few years back, our local Christian radio station ran a poll asking whether Halloween is spiritually harmful. The response from a predominantly evangelical audience here in Ohio was two-to-one against Halloween. This did not surprise me. It is now popular in some Christian circles to repudiate any celebration of All Hallows Eve—Halloween.

“We all know what day is coming,” said a young woman in the choir of the Rhode Island church my wife and I attended when I was working on my doctorate. “And I think we need to be in prayer that the evil powers and principalities be held in check over this next weekend.” Halloween fell on a Sunday that year, making the event seem all the more sinister. On the calendar of events for the Christian college where I teach, October 31 sits in a dark square with no acknowledgment that there is anything special about the date.

“It’s Satan’s Holiday, Dr. Rearick,” affirmed one of my students. “Didn’t you know?”

Well, no, I didn’t know. And I am reluctant to give up what was one of the highlights of my childhood calendar to the Great Impostor and Chief of Liars for no reason except that some of his servants claim it as his.

Give up nothing

I have always considered Halloween a day to celebrate the imagination, to become for a short time something wonderful and strange, smelling of grease paint, to taste sweets that are permissible only once a year. How wonderful to be with other children dressed up as what they might grow up to be, what they wished they could be, or even what they secretly feared. All of us, dreams and nightmares, were brought together on equal footing, going from door to door to be given treats and admired for our creativity. How delightful to go to parties with doughnuts, apples, brown cider, and pumpkin cakes—and to hear spine-tingling ghost stories and feel our hearts skip a beat when the teller grabbed for us.

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Sweet Surrender – A Prayer

Today, I surrender myself to You, Lord. I woke up in a state of confusion and I’m not sure where to go or what to do. But I surrender myself to Your will, Father. And I trust that You have a plan and that You have designed my life to teach me what You would have me learn. I accept Your call and lay down my own thoughts and ambitions… and I listen, Lord. I listen for Your voice in my ears. So meet me where I am. Show me what You want to show me. I am Yours. Forgive me for the things that I have done this morning that are against You. Forgive me for all the things I do on a daily basis that are sinful and unrighteous. Mold and make me into the servant I long to be for You; that I know is Your will for me to become. I ask for Your will to be accomplished through me, Lord. I ask for Your will to be made known in my life, and through my life. Today, I surrender myself to You, Lord. I surrender myself to You.