Sunday Setlist – 6/14/09


Daybreak Baptist Church

06/14/2009 Sunday Morning

Welcome and Announcements

“The Lord Reigns” by Gateway Worship

Scripture Reading & Prayer Pastor Larry

CHOIR –  “The Majesty & Glory Of Your Name” by Integrity Music

“Jesus Messiah” by Chris Tomlin

Special Music   “Pure” by Gateway Worship (LeAnn and Wayne Thomas)

“Made Me Glad” by Hillsong

Message – Pastor Larry

Invitation – “Come Just As You Are” (Instrumental)

Offertory – Carolyn teVelde

Closing Song/Walk out “The Lord Reigns”


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Sunday Set List – 4/26/09


Everlasting God

New Doxology

Amazing Grace, My Chains Are Gone/Amazing Love – medley

(Invitation) – Just As I Am


It has been SO LONG since I have blogged! I feel ashamed! LOL! Long story short, I lost my sweet Mom a week and a half ago and my family went on a long journey for the funeral. We drove from Bakersfield, CA to Atlanta, GA and BACK! It was quite a journey with kids in the car. It’s such a blessing to my heart to imagine my Mom hugging Jesus and my grandmothers who went before her. It’s a real celebration when you’re a believer, to have a “saved” loved one go home to be with the Lord.

My wife LeAnn was off at the women’s retreat this weekend, with most of our vocalists along with her! But we had enough people left behind to put a team together, and it was a very worshipful morning!

I’ll keep this short and sweet this week. But I’ll get back into the full swing of things next week. I promise!

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Sunday Set List – 3/29/09


C – The Lord Reigns – Gateway Worship

G – Hallelujah, Your Love Is Amazing – Phillips Craig and Dean

E – Here I Am To Worship – Hillsong

B – Oceans Will Part – Hillsong

F – Come Just As You Are – Crystal Lewis – (Invitation)

C – Just As I Am – Paul Baloche – (Invitation)

Today was AWESOME! “The Lord Reigns” is a GREAT opening song! I strongly recommend it! I led worship for this song. It’s so upbeat and has such a great tempo that the crowd really gets up and into it! There was a lot of clapping and shouts of praise … great energy! Then the classic from Phillips Craig and Dean, “Hallelujah, Your Love Is Amazing”. I led this on guitar today, and I thought it sounded fine. It’s not my absolute favorite song, but our church really responds to it. Then we did “Here I Am To Worship” the Hillsong version. I led this one on guitar, as well, and it was very worshipful. I loved how it turned out. We finished up the set with Hillsong’s “Oceans Will Part”. Very smooth and worshipful. LeAnn led it beautifully! And our worship team did a great job on all their parts. Sounded very nice.

We had a better response to the Invitation time today too. It’s always such a blessing to see people responding to the Holy Spirit like that!

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Sunday Set List – 3/22/09


F – “Holy Is The Lord” by Phillips Craig and Dean

F/G – “Let The Worshippers Arise” by Phillips Craig and Dean

G – “Holy Spirit Rain Down” by Hillsong

G – “How Great Is Our God” by Chris Tomlin

A – “I Surrender All” Invitation

G – “Holy Is The Lord” Closing Song/Walk Out


I had to work at my “other” job today. I really can’t stand working my other job on Sundays. Grr! But my wife and I tag team the worship leading, so if I’m unable to be there, she and the rest of the team roll with it! I’m so blessed by all of them! They all do a terrific job!

For more details on the worship service today, please check out LeAnn’s Blog!



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Sunday Set List – 3/15/09


Daybreak Baptist Church

Program Notes & Instructions

3/15/2009 Sunday Morning

B—“Everlasting God” (Lincoln Brewster)


B—“Everlasting God”

Scripture Reading & Prayer – Pastor Larry

Special Music – Paula Almaguer


D—“Jesus Messiah” (Chris Tomlin)

G—“No Sweeter Name” (Christ For The Nations)

Message – Pastor Larry

(Invitation) – F—“Grace Greater Than Our Sin” (Old School)

Offertory – Jason

Closing Song – G—“No Sweeter Name”-chorus only

Then verse and chorus for walk-out


We had a really smooth set today… no big mistakes, smooth, fluid sound. You have to love it when that happens! The worship took a noticeably deeper turn after the Pastor made an altar call right in the middle of the set.  And by the time we got to No Sweeter Name there was a sweet spirit of worship in our auditorium. Our church is in love with that song now. It gives us a good feeling too. It seems like yesterday when we introduced them to it. I love it when a plan comes together!

It was another great morning of worship at DBC! And I’m so blessed by that and so thankful for it! To God be all glory and honor and power, forever! Amen!

What did your church do this morning?? Comment below!

For His Glory,


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