Sunday Setlist – 8/15/10

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Happy Day – Tim Hughes

Let Creation Sing – Hillsong

Holy And Anointed One – Kutless

Worthy Is The Lamb – Hillsong

Breathe – Passion – Invitation/Altar Call

This was a great morning of praise and worship for our church. Our youth got down front and were dancing and giving hand gestures for the song “Happy Day”. It was so energetic and fun. And they made it even more so.

“Let Creation Sing” was an excellent call to worship. I love this song!

“Holy and Anointed One” was a new song for our church, even though it’s been around for quite a while. It was the perfect song to move closer to the Lord in worship after prayer time. Daybreak loved it.

“Worthy Is The Lamb” is one we’ve done quite a few times, and every time we sing this song about our Lord, He moves our hearts in a mighty way. The corporate attitude of worship was amazing. And this was a tremendous segue into the Pastor’s message on how the Lord reveals himself in His world, and in His Word.

Finally, all the music and the Pastor’s message out of God’s Word softened many hearts and set up an amazing prayer time and altar call at the invitation. I love seeing lives transformed and renewed in the presence of the Almighty!

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Sunday Set List – Easter 2010

Daybreak Baptist Church

He Is Risen, HallelujahChoir
My Savior LivesGateway Church
You Thought Of UsChoir
Worthy Is The Lamb Hillsong
Revelation SongGateway Church

Our Easter service was A-MA-ZING!

This was our first time singing My Savior Lives, and it was HIGH ENERGY! I loved that song! And we combined Worthy Is The Lamb and Rev Song into a power medley that sent our church into a deep attitude of worship. I was so touched by the whole service. Everything went perfectly. Praise God!

Our Pastor’s message was also amazing! We are so blessed to have such wise and dynamic teaching every Sunday.

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Happy Easter, everyone!

Sunday Set List – 2/28/10

Daybreak Baptist Church

Your Grace Is Enough – Chris Tomlin

Jesus Messiah – Chris Tomlin

No Sweeter Name – Kari Jobe

(Invitation) The More I Seek You – Kari Jobe

We were without our drummer today. So I ended up playing, but only on No Sweeter Name. The dynamics in that song could not have been achieved without the drums. So, aside from that, we went without any hiccups today!

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Sunday Set List – 2/7/10


God Of This City – Bluetree

Today Is The Day – Lincoln Brewster


Better Is One Day/I Can Only Imagine medley – Matt Redman/Mercy Me

All Creatures Of Our God And King – LCMS Gathering Band

Revelation Song – Gateway Worship


Better Is One Day/I Can Only Imagine medley – Matt Redman/Mercy Me

We have started back with the Pre-Service music, at the suggestion from our Pastor. It’s humorous, though, because our church really is confused by it still. Some people just look up at the stage with this bewildered look on their face, that screams, “What do we do now?” LOL! But we’re convinced that the more we do this instead of playing a CD before the service, the more people will get what it is… enhanced background music. Do you play Pre-Service music? If so, how does your church respond to it?

My favorite song of the set this week was the Better Is One Day/I Can Only Imagine medley! We played Better Is One Day through the bridge, then one more time through the chorus, and then our pianist started that unmistakable piano ‘lead in’ from I Can Only Imagine while the drummer kept the same beat and tempo from Better Is One Day. We started right into the chorus of I Can Only Imagine… “Surrounded by Your glory, what will my heart feel? Will I dance for You Jesus, or in awe of You be still?” We sang the chorus through two times, and then went right back into the last part of Better Is One Day… “better is one day, better is one day, better is one day, than thousands elsewhere”. Then we brought it way down and ended quietly, and worshipfully on the chorus! It flowed really well, and our church worshiped to it in a powerful way.

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Sunday Set List – 1/10/10

Daybreak Baptist Church

-Revive Us Again – (Choir)

-How Great Is Our God/How Great Thou Art – Tomlin

-Come Thou Fount/It Is Well/Old Rugged Cross/Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus – Hymn Medley

-Made Me Glad – Hillsong

I am so blessed by what I saw God do in our church today! We had an amazing morning of worship, prayer, and healing at Daybreak.

We brought back some hymns that we haven’t done in a few months, and the church responded in an amazing way! And Made Me Glad is probably my favorite Worship Song right now. It says everything my heart wants to say when I’m singing to the Lord.

I hope you had an amazing time worshiping the Lord this morning! Thank you for stopping by to see what we did. Now, if you would, please go over to The Worship Community and check out what other worship leaders from around the world did at their churches today!

Sunday Set List – 07/19/09


Today was a very “glitchy” Sunday! From the moment I walked into church and set off the alarm system, I knew it was going to be one of those days! We had lyrics issues on the screens and accompaniment track problems with Special Music. We had a Mom and her two grown daughters up to sing a trio, and when they got up onstage, the tape was at the end of the side it was on, instead of being cued up in the proper place (my fault). Honestly, we don’t use many “cassette tapes” anymore. But as this issue was being resolved there was a solid 2 or 3 minutes of awkward silence in the auditorium. And we talked about this at lunch. It is so strange how people react to silence! They can’t stay silent! Murmuring began, and my Father-in-law (our Pastor) was telling me, as we ate, that he was listening to the things that were being said around him. Some things were sarcastic about the situation, and others were just chatting to break the silence. Nonetheless, he was intrigued by this response in human nature. The more I think about it, so am I. Silence, when we are alone is a very natural thing. I yearn for those moments in my day. It’s where I talk to God and He talks to me. But what is it about silence when we are in a room full of people that freaks us out so much? Haha! Anyway, the tape was corrected, the song went on, and the church was blessed, regardless of the hiccups in our service today.

Here is our setlist:

“You, You Are God” by Gateway Worship

This was our first time singing this song in our church. It was a BLAST! I absolutely loved the tempo, the energy and the response we got from our church on this one! I believe we’ll do it again in a couple of weeks.

“Mighty To Save” by Hillsong

This one’s a classic, and a beloved song in our church.

“Worthy Is The Lamb” by Hillsong

This was another first in our church. We never do two new songs on the same Sunday! But we pulled it off without a hitch. This one is so worshipful! And we flowed seamlessly into Revelation Song out if it. As my son would say it, “It was so bomb”.

“Revelation Song” by Gateway Worship

For me, this song is it. This is the one. This is my very favorite worship song of ALL TIME. And I must say, Worthy Is The Lamb and Rev Song are fraternal twins! What a dynamic duo this was for us today!

So that was it. The day was full of imperfections. But I believe God was glorified and beamed with joy watching us stammer and struggle to lift His mighty Name. “For in our weakness, He is made strong.”

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Sunday Set List – 3/8/09


Daybreak Baptist Church

March 8, 2009

“Trading My Sorrows”- G


“New Doxology”- D

Choir – “We Worship You”

Scripture & Prayer

“Heaven’s Song (Chorus)”* – Medley in – E

“Holy Ground”*

“We Are Standing On Holy Ground”*

SPECIAL MUSIC—LeAnn  w/Worship Team – “We Cry Out”


INVITATION – “Come Just As You Are”

OFFERTORY—Praise Band – “Heaven’s Song”

CLOSE/WALK OUT – “Heaven’s Song” chorus



Today, our drummer was out sick, so I played drums for the opening song, “Trading My Sorrows”. It was great! It really got our church up and praising the goodness of God. After that, I dropped the sticks and we went without drums the rest of the way.”New Doxology” was very strong. It’s one of those songs for our church that everyone knows now, and they can all worship with it without having to read the words on the screens. Big-time, go-to song for us! Then the “Heaven’s Song” medley was awesome! Very worshipful! The verse in that chorus, “Holy, Holy, You alone are worthy” really helps me to lay everything down in my heart and mind at that moment and just approach the throne! He truly is the ONLY One Who is holy and worthy! Praise His holy Name!

I must confess, I had no idea how to sing Holy Ground before the service started! LOL! I grew up attending more contemporary-styled churches and hadn’t been exposed to a lot of the older choruses and hymns until pretty recently. But it turned out to be very easy and the medley went very well. And then my lovely wife sang “We Cry Out”, by Kari Jobe and Gateway Worship. Three words for you …

A — MAZ — ING! That’s three words, right?? LOL! But seriously, “We Cry Out”, as sung by LeAnn, was just so beatiful! Our worship team did a wonderful job with all of the harmony in the song. Kudos to all of them! All in all, it was a wonderful morning of worship.

LeAnn and I are continuing to try to practice up with the video camera to start trying our hands with the video worship confessionals. But I’m afraid I’m a slow learner when it comes to the Pinnacle video editing software! Uggh! Maybe someday soon we’ll be able to start posting some videos… someday. Haha!

Well that’s about all! Hope you all had a tremendous morning worshiping our Lord and Savior!

For Him,


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Sunday Set List – 10/26/08

Daybreak Baptist Church

Program Notes & Instructions

10/26/2008 Sunday Morning

Welcome and Announcements

B—“Hear Our Praises”


B/C—“Hear Our Praises”

Scripture Reading & Prayer


D—“Amazing Love”


Special Music—Paula Almaguer

G—“Potter’s Hand”





F—“Come Just As You Are”

Worship with Tithes & Offerings – Carolyn

Closing Song

B—“Hear Our Praises”


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Sunday Set List – 10/12/08

Daybreak Baptist Church

Program Notes & Instructions

10/12/2008 Sunday Morning
Welcome and Announcements

B—“Everlasting God”


B—“Everlasting God”

Scripture & Prayer

Choir – “Days of Elijah”

D—“Here I Am To Worship”***


Special Music

D—“Revelation Song”



A—“I Surrender All”

Closing Song

B—“Everlasting God”

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This week, I took the advice of Fred on the song, “Everlasting God”. We structured the song exactly as he suggested, and had Isaiah 40:28-31 read aloud over the congregation. It was an amazing set, folks. Our worship experience through Revelation Song was incredible! I really appreciate the interaction of fellow worship leaders through this medium. What an amazing tool we have in the Lord!

Hope you all experienced God in a mighty way yesterday!