This needs to be said…

Something has really been bothering me about the church, in general. I’ve been toiling over it, and praying over it. I’ve been searching myself and asking the hard questions.

I want to ask you something.

Why do we, as Christians, need everyone around us to think that we’re ok, when we’re really not? Seriously, why? We have the same trials as the rest of the world. We argue with our spouses. We lose our loved ones. We have our feelings hurt by co-workers. We’re abandoned and abused by our parents. We suffer through private porn addictions, and drug and alcohol addictions. We have serious, life-threatening diagnosis’ given to us at the Dr.’s office. We’re fired from our jobs, suffer through house fires, and we’re burglarized and stolen from. Yet, we’ll smile and say, “God is good!” when someone asks us how we’re doing in the foyer on Sunday morning. Why can we be dying on the inside, but not want anyone to know?

This is a tragedy in the church at-large.

If we could talk with God, face-to-face right now and ask Him, “what is the one thing we need to change about church that would make the biggest impact on this world? I really believe it would be this. He can’t do anything with people who aren’t willing to be real with themselves, with Him, or with each other. Period.

What happened? When did church become so “sterile”? It’s nothing short of a giant “clean room” where you have to put on a happy face, and nice clothes, and keep everything squeaky clean. It’s rare to see anyone confess their weakness, or be transparent enough to put their junk out there to be dealt with. You rarely see people break down and weep, or show anger, or frustration.

I am as guilty as the next person. Why is it so hard to be transparent? More importantly, why don’t we feel comfortable to be transparent in church?

This has to change. If we can’t be real with other Christians, who can we be real with? I read an excerpt off of the website of Anne Jackson’s upcoming new book, “Permission To Speak Freely” that read, “We have to confess to God, and to others so that we can live our lives whole, and healed. We have to identify our brokenness, and ultimately share our story of redemption and rescue with others.”

What is it that you’re carrying around all alone? Isn’t it time to stop posing and pretending that you’re fine. Isn’t it time that we start sharing our burdens, and carrying each other’s burdens, as well?

Am I the only one who feels this way? Please comment below.