Sunday Set List – 12/27/09

You, You Are GodGateway

Glory To God ForeverSteve Fee

All Creatures Of Our God And KingLCMS Gathering Band

All Who Are ThirstyKutless

Grace Flows DownChristy Nockels

I was so glad to get back to our normal set. Christmas music is fun once a year, but like I mentioned in my last post, it gets really old after a solid month of it! Today’s set-list was awesome! We’re still down a drummer and an electric guitarist, so I played drums on the first four songs, and then I broke off and sang some harmony behind LeAnn on Grace Flows Down. And I must say, my wife absolutely NAILED that song! I’m not biased either! Nailed it!

Thanks for stopping by to check out our set-list! Now go right over to and check out what churches all over the world did this morning!


Worship Leader Blogs

Recently, I was asked this question by a fellow worship leader, “Do people from your church have access to your blog?” As it turned out, my friend’s Pastor stumbled across her blog and put a link to it on the church website. And it was really troubling her because she wasn’t wanting church members to have access to the sometimes sensitive  information she was passing along to other WL’s for feedback about, well… THEM. To me, this was very understandable. And, for the record I think the Pastor should have gotten her permission to do that.

As for me, my church does have access to my blog. In fact, there is a link to it right on my bio page on the church’s website. Personally, I have other avenues, with which I can share more sensitive issues and get valuable feedback in the process. But for some WL’s, their blog is a sacred place. In some respects, and especially within the confines of the worship leader network that has developed from the blog carnival at, there is a lot of behind-the-scenes, sensitive sort of information being shared among all of us. So I fully understand my friend’s feelings here.

There is no right or wrong answer, as we all have uniquely different situations and circumstances. But in an effort to gain a wider perspective, I would like to know your take on this issue.

Worship Leaders, do YOU share your blog with your church?