Sunday Set List – 7/18/10

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Glory To God ForeverFee

New DoxologyGateway

The More I Seek YouCFNI/Kari Jobe

Word Of God SpeakMercy Me

This morning was an awesome time of worship! Everything went well, and I loved the attitude of worship that I saw! My only regret is that I started tearing up on Word Of God Speak, and for whatever reason I couldn’t shake it off. My voice was shaky from trying to control the torrent of tears that was pressing the backs of my eyes. Nevertheless, everyone worshiped through my emotions and poor singing, so I was glad.

Has this ever happened to you? What do you do when you’re leading a song and tears of surrender and worship press hard to be released? My throat closed up and my vocals were rendered powerless. Vocal gurus, is there a secret to controlling this?

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Sunday Set List – 12/21/08


Daybreak Baptist Church

Program Notes & Instructions

12/21/2008 Sunday Morning
Welcome and Announcements

D—“New Doxology”


D—“Hark The Herald Angels Sing”

Scripture Reading & Prayer


C—“Near To The Heart Of God”

C—“Surely The Presence”

Closing Song 

G—“Birthday Of A King”


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Worship Planning

There are three of us that plan the worship services at our church. We do it as a team, and the Lord has done some amazing things to put this team together. But lately, we are having the hardest time getting ouselves ahead enough in our planning to keep us out of the late-night, last-minute key changes, frantic emailings, and hustle and bustle to get ready for Wednesday night rehearsal. We really are thinking ahead all the time. But something is blocking our ability to get over that hump and find our time-management zone again. I’m praying for God to help us find or see those extra minutes in our day to take advantage of.

What is the process that you, my fellow worship leaders, go through to plan your services? Suggestions?

Gratefully His,