Sunday Set List – 7/18/10

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Glory To God ForeverFee

New DoxologyGateway

The More I Seek YouCFNI/Kari Jobe

Word Of God SpeakMercy Me

This morning was an awesome time of worship! Everything went well, and I loved the attitude of worship that I saw! My only regret is that I started tearing up on Word Of God Speak, and for whatever reason I couldn’t shake it off. My voice was shaky from trying to control the torrent of tears that was pressing the backs of my eyes. Nevertheless, everyone worshiped through my emotions and poor singing, so I was glad.

Has this ever happened to you? What do you do when you’re leading a song and tears of surrender and worship press hard to be released? My throat closed up and my vocals were rendered powerless. Vocal gurus, is there a secret to controlling this?

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Sunday Set List – 7/11/10

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Today Is The DayLincoln Brewster

Everlasting GodLincoln Brewster

PureGateway Church/Kari Jobe

Hiding PlaceNew Life Worship/Jared Anderson

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus – Invitation/Altar call


I stepped away from blogging over the last couple of months.  Summer time-Family time-Down time. But I’m excited to be back in my blogging chair! 

I was very pleased with our worship service on Sunday. As you can see, we had a Lincoln Brewster kick-off to the morning. And even though we were without our drummer, those songs provided great energy and some awesome praise to the King!

The song “Pure”, by Gateway is one of my favorites. And LeAnn always sings the Kari Jobe stuff that we do so beautifully! This one is a staple in our rotation, and it was a great moment of worship on Sunday.

I run to You when my heart is weak
I cling to You, You’re all I seek
It’s my heart’s desire to be close to You
Here in Your arms I find my strength


And Hiding Place, by Jared Anderson was a sweet, closing moment to our worship time. God is our hiding place. I love Psalm 46: “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” says that ‘refuge’ means – shelter or protection from danger, trouble. It’s so vitally important for us all to realize how real, and how tangible our ‘hiding place’ or our ‘refuge’ is in the Lord. And I love how the chorus of this song stayed in theme with the chorus of ‘Pure’.

I will run to the hiding place
I will run to the hiding place
Draw me ever closer to look upon Your face
I will run to the hiding place

I hope you had an intimate time of worshiping our Lord and Savior during your worship service. Would you comment below, and share any special moments you had in your church service, or with the Lord in general this week?

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Sunday Set List – 6/28/09


I’m trying to get back into the habit of doing this after taking some time off. So, here we go:

Sunday was more worshipful than I remember our set being in quite a while. And this week was a real challenge in the rehearsal department. We had several key people who were unable to make it to rehearsal, with good reasons, so we moved it to early Sunday morning before our services. It was a little nerve-racking, but it worked out fine, and I found that in the end the Lord had His way with it all!

Here is our setlist:

Everlasting God Lincoln Brewster

Blessed Hillsong

How Great Is Our God Chris Tomlin

There Is A Savior Sandi Patti (Special Music Solo)

Made Me Glad Hillsong

I’ll be honest, I was worried about the Sandi Patti song right in the middle of the set, but it worked! Our soloist sang it beautifully, and the whole thing flowed very nicely!

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Sunday Set List – 2/1/09


Daybreak Baptist Church

Program Notes & Instructions

02/01/2009 Sunday Morning 

G/D —“Blessed” — Choir led 


D —“Blessed”

Scripture Reading & Prayer Pastor Larry

CHOIR “Here I Am”

D—“Amazing Grace, My Chains Are Gone”

D—“Amazing Love” 

Special Music Paula Almaguer

C—“None But Jesus” (with the Youth)

Message Guest Missions Speaker

InvitationA—“I Surrender All”

Offertory Jason

Closing Song – A—“Amazing Love”-chorus only

Then verse and chorus for walk-out


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Sunday Set List Blog Carnival over at

I have to be totally honest here, it was a tough morning for us. We lost LeAnn’s grandmother at 1:30am last night. Neither one of us got any sleep to speak of. So that made it very difficult. We pushed through and worshiped our Lord. I know He was honored by it. But it wasn’t without it’s flaws. We had a rare train-wreck during “None But Jesus”. I was leading on acoustic. And for some reason my sound went out! Then, the band played something that didn’t sound right, my wife came in late with her line and it was so off that in my sleep deprivation I totally lost where I was in the song! UGH! I had to stop, quickly determine where we were and pick right back up. As train wrecks go, it was relatively mild because we hit right back on it and kept going. It made it harder though, because our youth group was doing an interpretive dance with the song. To their credit, they kept right on going and made it look easy.

Like I said, it was a tough morning. My sweet wife is grieving her grandmother. My Pastor(Father-in-law) is grieving the loss of his mother. But the Lord was lifted high today. And knowing all that was overcome to accomplish that… makes me smile. To Him be all glory and honor, forever. Now I’m going to go rest.

For His Kingdom,